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About Me

Ryo Miyazaki

About me

Born October 11th, 2000 in New York, US. I am a fashion merchandise major at SUNY Oneonta interested in digital design and fashion in general. I would like to eventually construct my clothing line and start up a brand. I am adept at using adobe software like photoshop and illustrator along with most Microsoft software.

Both of my parents were born and raised in Japan, making Japanese my first language while English was my second. Being raised in a Japanese household in America has changed my views on certain notions and barriers each societal norm had. And no matter how well I fit in with these norms, I had always felt like an outsider.

As I got older, I found how unique my upbringing was and I have come to embrace my ethnicity. Japanese fashion has definitively changed the quality of casual wear with improved textiles from brands like GU. I aspire to someday be able to bridge ties between Japanese and American fashion.

ps. I do not possess superpowers